We Don't Need Fixin'

Republican Party of Texas drafted their 2014 platform and included a plank that states they believe in and support reparative or “ex-gay” therapy for lesbian, gay, and bisexual people. This type of counseling generally tries to change a person’s sexual orientation or to lessen their interest in engaging in same-sex sexual activity. The groups say the practice should not be used on minors because of the danger of serious psychological harm. Reparative therapy or sexual orientation change efforts have been deemed harmful, ineffective, and dangerous by every major medical organization in America, and by many around the world.

Given the state of evidence that reparative therapy is harmful and condemned, it is obvious to all of us that the Texas GOP party sees the homosexuality as a disease and can be cured. Once again ignorance, intolerance and bigotry are the core of this party’s platform and ideology.

However, Texans have a choice this year. We have Wendy Davis and Leticia Van Der Putte. As Wendy tweeted, “Unlike @GOP, I believe that the LGBT Texans #Dontneedfixin.” We don’t need fixin.  Stand with us and tell the GOP We Don't Need Fixin' 

To fight the GOP we need your help, the Republican Party is spending BIG to send more of their Tea Party allies to Austin to stop equality and create legislation that has been translated from their extreme ideology, we've got to make sure that Wendy and Leticia have what it takes to stop them once and for all.  Click here to help us fight this battle and to tell the GOP we don't need fixin'.

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